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For optimal fluorescence imaging when room lights cannot be turned off.

The MolecuLight DarkDrape® creates an optimal imaging environment for clinicians using the MolecuLight i:XTM to visualize bacteria in wounds when room lighting conditions are not dark enough. The MolecuLight i:X has built-in sensor that detects optimal lighting conditions. The MolecuLight DarkDrape is a one-time use consumable that easily connects to the MolecuLight i:X via the MolecuLight Adapter®.

MolecuLight DarkDrape and MolecuLight Adapter provide an optimal environment for practitioners using MolecuLight i:X to visualize potentially harmful bacteria in wounds when required room lighting conditions cannot be met.

Made from a high density polyethylene material, MolecuLight DarkDrape features an adjustable drawstring which can be secured to the patient during fluorescence imaging. This ensures the appropriate lighting conditions are met to precisely visualize bacterial presence in and around wounds.

DarkDrape Logo

Material High Density Polyethylene
Length 680 mm
Width 550 - 400 mm
Catalog Part # 1212
Package Case of 50 units
Color Black
Warranty N/A
Components 1
Reusable No